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February 18th, 2020
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Flaming June

On this hottest of hot weekends, can we have a cool day out in Swansea? Turns out we can!

It begins at 10.30 on Saturday morning with Armed Forces Day beginning on Mumbles Road, celebrating the contribution of our armed forces.

The Uplands Market opens on Gwydr Square, Uplands on Saturday  from 10 until 1, where local traders will be purveying everything from burgers to ice cream, from craft gins to cunning crafts, from fresh farm produce to vintage records. It’s a pleasant stroll with cool music accompaniment.

Over the weekend we’ll be seeing — and hearing — the Wales Airshow, with those magnificent flying machines filling the skies with roaring sound and colourful trails, with displays including the Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. It’s the centenary of the RAF, so the Airshow is particularly poignant this year although of course not all the displays are military in nature.

It’s going to be hot on Swansea Beach for the Airshow so remember to take clothing to cover up, sunscreen, and of course, plenty of water.

I shall be indulging in iced coffee through the afternoon. Would you like one? Grind some coffee beans and brew a really strong batch. Pour the shot into a tall glass and add a spoonful of demerera sugar and some milk. Stir the sugar in. Add loads of ice. If the sun is over the yardarm, perhaps add a shot of Tia Maria. Wait a few minutes. Sip  gratefully.

In contrast, on Saturday evening the very pretty All Saints Church in Oystermouth will be hosting the Swansea Bay Symphony Orchestra from 7pm. This is a ticketed event.

Or you could still be indoors watching the World Cup. Enjoy your weekend.

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