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February 18th, 2020

Love Local? Buy Local!

Or, what are these “Love Local Buy Local” stickers about that are appearing across town?

It’s no secret that High Street businesses have had a hard time recently, with big names going bust in the face of Internet shopping and austerity belt-tightening. And we can wonder, if the Big Guys are in trouble, how is it looking for us little fish?

Love Local Buy Local means we know that it’s the small local businesses, not the big corporations and the multinationals, that mean the most to our community. Small local businesses are accessible, talkable-to, give the very best of personal service and pride themselves on the special unique something that each one has that you don’t get anywhere else.

So when I go shopping I like to go to Swansea Market, where I can chat to stallholders, catch up with friends and pick up locally sourced food. That way my money stays in our local economy instead of being siphoned off overseas or something. By supporting our local traders and businesses I’m supporting our local economy and our community.

I seek out the independent shops, the family firms and Swansea’s abundance of one-off places to eat and drink. Local businesses are truly un-chained, excuse the pun. But these people sometimes need their entrepreneurial spirit to have a bit of a lift, the joy of knowing that the community supports them.

So Spotlight is on a mission to encourage shoppers to Love Local and Buy Local. We go around the shops and with their permission put up That Sticker to remind passers-by and customers, and we take a picture of the shop front and put it up on social media as a little thank you and further exposure, all to help that business in a small way to flourish.

If you’re in town and you happen to see That Sticker in a window, take a moment to pop in and see what’s on offer there. And if you have a business and want a sticker in your window, let me know (contact details at the top of the page) and I’ll come round and visit you.



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